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No bracket lingual braces πŸ‘€!
Doesn't this bent file look like a heart πŸ€”!? . . . Bent file via @arthutz.
This root canal impression though πŸ’›. Who can tell me why we would take an impression of root canals πŸ€”? Best answer gets featured on my IG story 🀳.
Salivary stone removed along with a squirt of saliva 😷. . . . We like to refer to this stones as sialoliths and they result from a condition called Sialolithiasis. This happens when the salivary gland or its excretory duct is blocked by calculus. They are typically yellowish in color and usually contain calcium phosphate with a bit of carbonates (hydroxyapatite). These stones may cause the patient to feel a painful swelling during chewing because of the blocked gland. They usually measure between 5-10 mm but can exceed 10 mm. . The treatment of these stones is to achieve a return in normal salivary secretion. Treating sialolith depends on its size and location. Removal of stones in the mouth is recommended whenever the stones can be felt (palpated) intraorally. If the stone is small and sufficiently prominent it can be milked out by squeezing it through the duct opening. However, if the calculus is medium to large, as giant salivary gland calculi, frequent pain (salivary colic) may occur and the sialolith may not be expelled with ease and this then may require surgical removal. Removal via @dr.sormanibuco_orthofaciale
Oh yes I was and now I have to deal with your bleeding gums during my Tx πŸ™ƒ.
Root canal treatment on a lion 🦁! . . . Would you root canal a lion πŸ€”? I know I would just so I can cross it off my bucket list πŸ™‡πŸ». Kwame is his name and he is a 9 Β½ year old, 410 pound male lion at the Miami Zoo. On April 17th he was tranquilized and brought to the zoo hospital to receive a root canal treatment. The RCT was performed by Dr. Jan Bellows of All Pet Dental and Dr. Elizabeth McMorran, a fourth year dental resident. According to Dr. Bellows, the procedure went smoothly and the root canal should last for the rest of the lion’s life. Large carnivores often damage their canine teeth in the wild during conflicts with other animals and also while biting on hard things such as bones when eating. Many of these animals endure significant pain and infection that may sometimes lead to death. Fortunately, Kwame has been alleviated from the tooth pain and is now back at the zoo.
Makeup tutorials on IG be like 🎨. . . . Dental tutorial via @dtyunus
When you don't have a gag reflex 😳. #pharyngeal #reflex #please . . . How to avoid this: -Select right size of impression tray. -Use instruction manual or guide behind material package and mix appropriately. -Prevent overfilling tray, have patient sit up right on chair and ask patient to breath through nose to avert choking hazard. -Happy patient = happy impression πŸ™‚.
Amalgam crown 😷. What's your opinion on amalgam ✍️? . . . Buildup by @dr_alirezakharazi
Sure at first placing Γ  rubber dam may be uneasy but practice makes perfect πŸ‘πŸΌ. Props to this little guy for an awesome job with the tracheal intubation πŸ’›.
See how veneers are glued to teeth. . . . Delivery of 6 anterior lithium disilicate (e.max) veneers. Teeth surfaces total etched with phosphoric acid and bonded with All-bond universal. Veneers cemented on to the prepared teeth with Variolink resin cement. Bonding via
With great suction comes great responsibility 🌝. #HVE #struggles
That moment when braces are finally off πŸ”§πŸ˜¬. #bracket #removal
The worlds first automatic toothbrush because using your hand to efficiently clean the teeth surfaces with a toothbrush is too mainstream 😷. . . . This is called the Amabrush and it claims to have the teeth clean within 10 seconds. Bet all the hygienists cringed right now :P. On a serious note, I can see how this might be beneficial in individuals with certain disabilities that may hinder them from using their hands during tooth brushing. Otherwise I think you'll do fine by just sticking to the good old fashion manual/electric tooth brush. Let me know what you think about this automatic "toothbrush" πŸ€”?
Dentistry has come a long way 😳. I remember back in dental school when we would manually develop x-ray films by dipping them in a fixer/developer and now we got digital radiographs. Another throwback when root canals were only done with hand instrument and now there are different endo systems doing quite a bit of the work. Let me know any changes you have noticed throughout dentistry πŸ€”.
Did he say teef πŸ˜†. Even though I'm already a DDS, there is always something new to learn. Whether it be different techniques from my IG colleagues or a glimpse into entirely different specialities. Dentistry is always updating and I am blessed to be able to take care of my patients and at the same time expand my knowledge on the vast field of dental medicine and share it with you guys ❀️. #dentistry #is #life
How crowns are prepared ☝️😷. . . . Video shows the different types of burs that may be used in preparing teeth for dental crowns ⛏ . Let me know if you want me to post the steps for this crown prep ✍️.
A whole upper bridge removed with the fingers πŸ‘€. . . . How would you treat this case? Comment your treatment plan/suggestions. Finger extraction via @drweidersilva.
Check this beauty out πŸ’›. No it's not a worm lol. This is actually how the pulp of a tooth looks like. The pulp is a tissue found inside the tooth. It houses blood vessels, connective tissue, and large nerves and because of this combination it may look like a pinkish white sometimes bloody worm when removed from the pulp chamber. . The pulp allows us to feel the tooth in case of pain from trauma. It keeps the tooth nourished and moisturized through the blood vessels. Inflammation of the pulp from tooth decay, infection, trauma, or other related causes may result in a condition referred to as pulpitis. This is where a root canal treatment (RCT) then may be needed. . Briefly put an RCT is a dental procedure done to remove the pulp from the tooth when pulpitis can't be cured or the pulp is dead. Once removed from the tooth, the pulp will not regenerate inside the tooth, and the tooth becomes dead (non-vital). After the pulp is removed the root canals of the tooth are thoroughly cleaned from bacteria and replaced with root filling material. . Although the tooth has lost its pulp, that doesn't mean the tooth is entirely lost. It still provides the normal functions of chewing and grinding foods but without the pulps' sensation and pain elements. Pulp extirpation via @dralomar1
Dental implants shaped like tooth roots πŸ‘€. . . . This is called the replicate system, from the company Natural Dental Implants. It is an immediate implant system where instead of the traditional implant screws, it's shaped like the roots of an extracted tooth with the purpose of atruamtic insertion into the tooth socket. Each replicate tooth has three customizable components; The titanium implant body, zirconia preparation and temporary protective crown. According to the manufacturer, each replicate tooth is designed individually with small indentations and a single macro retention for immediate primary stability in the lower portion of the bone socket. The titanium surface is sandblasted and acid etched to have both macro and micro roughness with the aim of creating a favorable environment for osteoblasts to attach to the surface and in turn form a mechanical bond with the implant body. What do you guys think about this replicate implant system πŸ€”?