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Last day of Bend Into Summer - any standing backbend... so here it is! Using my house as a prop once again. 😛 Also, I realized I didn't put Bow pose for 10th day which is not that strange knowing is not my favourite asana. At all... 😕 So it is here, hiding behind the video. I was trying to push my legs together, but it sounds easier than it is. - #yogachallenge #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogaprogress #asana #yogapractice #yogagram #yogapeople #yogamotivation #yogapose #yogacommunity #yogadaily #yogaholic #yogainspiration #asanapractice #namaste #yogalove #yogajourney #yogini #yogi #yogagirl #yogapositions #fitgirls #flexible #worldofyoga_feature @yogapractice @yoga @yogagoals @artofyogapics @infibliss #bendintosummer #backbend #bowpose #yogacroatia - Sponsors and hosts: @gypsyyoga__ @asanavanessa @fit_yoga_girl @vanessa_carrettiere @aloyoga @liforme @infinitystrap
Zagreb, Croatia
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Finally managed to practice after quite a while. My little niece really wanted to practice with me today. She is so adorable, trust me! ❤ I just can't keep my focus when she's around, singing and dancing around me 😂😂😍😂 Wearing amazing leggings from @werkshop ❤ @yoga @yogapractice @yoga.vids
Yoga poses or asanas are just one eighth of the path to #yoga! #tapas known as self-discipline and #svadhyaya , self-study are about reading the sacred texts like #patanjali #yogasutras to create #selfawareness but jeez they are heavy going sometimes! #books
London, United Kingdom
TGIF! Who else is ready for the weekend?! I just finished a @pelotoncycle ride (my 5th this week 😜) and have some exciting plans ahead! Tomorrow several girls are headed for a hike in SF and Sunday there's a non-celebration celebration gathering 😂 #BendIntoSummer yoga challenge! 🌸☀️ ✔️Day 1 locust pose ✔️Day 2 wide leg inverted locust pose ✔️Day 3 cobra variation ✔️Day 4 king pigeon ✔️Day 5 dancer pose ✔️Day 6 wild thing ✔️Day 7 hollow back inversion ✔️Day 8 camel variation ✔️Day 9 kapotasana variation Day 10 bow pose Day 11 wheel variation Day 12 standing back - HOSTS @vanessa_carrettiere @gypsyyoga__ @asanavanessa @fit_yoga_girl - SPONSORS @aloyoga @liforme @infinitystrap
It's the final day of #BendIntoSummer and we have a standing backbend. I've loved stepping out my comfort zone with this challenge and working on something that I really struggle with. I'm really happy with this final pose and feel like I've really improved my backbends over the past couple weeks! 😁 . Thank you to all the inspiring hosts: @vanessa_carrettiere @asanavanessa @gypsyyoga__ @fit_yoga_girl 💖 And love to the awesome sponsors: @aloyoga @liforme @infinitystrap 💖
The Florida Aquarium
Hedge Hornbeam Yoga
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Feel like you were missing some #martinafixtheasana 😂 here some basic infos on #vriksasana 🌲 enjoy your #Friyay and sorry for my face 😂 __________________________________________▶ Check out mine and @martina_sergi 's website (link in bio) and subscribe to our youtube channel THETWOMARTINAS. You can find yoga tutorials , flows and some acro moves;  yoga friendly workouts and yummy healthy recipes. __________________________________________ IT - Per info su lezione e collaborazioni scriveteci a [email protected] EN - For class and collaboration contact us at [email protected]  #THETWOMARTINAS
My #pinchamayurasana progressing slowly🐢 but surely😊 #HappyFriday #yogalove
City of Glendale, CA
I was tagged by my amazing friend @kaytlyn_carter to #strikeapose . Thanks for inviting me Kaytlyn, I hope you like my pose! 🙏😊💫💜 Yoga class at work was cancelled yesterday, so I decided to stop drop and yoga in my office and practice my #flyingcrow a little bit. At the same time I'm doing a guest appearance for day 5 in #stepuptobalance, a challenge co-hosted by my friend and amazing yogini @amyweckermd , who taught me how to do this flying crow - so check out her posts and tutorial! And as you can see, I'm dressed very casual here due to hot weather in Belgium (just in case I keep spare office clothes in my locker for unexpected meetings 😉).
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