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We love this #ComfyEarrings essay of love and earring selfie from @sylverorchid 💕 ・・・ S'cuse my greaseball hair but I just wanted to say HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE EARRINGS. As you may know, I have multiple earrings in my ears. I'm not one to wear dangling pendant or hoop earrings so for YEARS I just kept my studs in my ears. I use surgical steel because my body rejects fake jewelry. Well up until recently, I've not had issues with them bothering me. Lately, especially when I sleep, they've been irritating my ears and feel uncomfortable. I decided to search for "flat backed" earrings and the first site that came up was by a small company called "Comfy Earrings". I was a little leery about purchasing them but after searching the web and only found Labret jewelry, I decided to go ahead and make the purchase. This is hands down the best purchase I've made. I bought 4 pairs of earrings, one in the regular size and three in the mini versions. They had a buy 3 get 1 free deal going on and free shipping on any $30+ order. Excited about my purchase, I impatiently waited a week until they arrived. I removed my previous studs (except for my top cartilage earrings) cleaned my ears and inserted the Comfy Earrings. It was a little tricky because I've never had to "screw in" my earrings before. It took me a few minutes to insert all 4 pairs. I've never felt so comfortable in my earrings before. It feels like I'm not wearing anything. The "screw in" design also avoids the jewelry from pinching your ear and the flat backing prevents you from getting stabbed. I slept so good last night and didn't feel them at all in my ears. It really feels like I'm not wearing earrings. I'm 100% satisfied with this product and will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants comfortable earrings for themselves and/or their child. The earrings are made from stainless surgical steel. I am wearing 1 pair of The Modern Comfy Earrings and 3 pairs of The Modern Mini Comfy Earrings. #endrant 😁
I'm obsessed with my eyebrows. There, I said it. @FullBrow sent me this little set of brow must haves and I've been LOVING them. That brow wax is the best I've ever used!! And the brush is my new fave!! You need them in your lifeeeeee. . . affiliate link>> Shop this pic via screenshot with the new app #liketkit . . #happyscrolling #studiodiymoreismore #pursuepretty #thehappynow #huffpostgram #bandofun #myunicornlife #lovelysquares #abmlifeiscolorful #colorventures #thatsdarling #prettylittlethings #flashesofdelight #livecolorfully #ihavethisthingwithcolors #postitforaesthetic #colorcolourlover #popyacolour #candyminimal #bandogirlgang #makeyousmilestyle #glitterguidexacolorstory #acolorstory #troopstudiodiy #soloverly #photosinbetween
#ThrowbackTuesday 😂😂😂 This picture cracks me up for so many reasons! !😄 But Cameron used to get a kick out of pretending to yawn, it was pretty hilarious 💛 look at that face😂 Baby boy has always had a fun sense of humor. I hope he never loses it.💙
Agricola Holistic Health
Mexican palm
Tijuana Centro
Cut-outs & fringe on repeat ➰➰➰ Top $24, vest $38, necklace $24, jeans $68
Fringe Boutique
Already stealing the baby's toys....
Nunca #santotipo
Centro Cultural de España Santo Domingo
Waving bye! 👋🏻 #eden_grace #feelslikesummer
Dry shampoo is a must to refresh my hair in between washings  I love @evahairnyc’s Freshen Up Dry Shampoo for it’s clean, fresh  scent and how it works to instantly revive my do 💁🏻 You can find this product at @oldnavy 🙌  #evanyc #oldnavy #evaxoldnavy #spon
Old Navy 144-150 W 34Th St
Growing up so fast right before our eyes. I can only imagine how much they will change when I come home in September ✨
Awesome coffee AND freaking delicious biscuits 😍
Jubala Village Coffee
Sweet | Sunflowery dreams 🌻🐝✨
My go-to sunnies and pizza! 🕶🍕💥 @rayban #liketkit
Charlotte, North Carolina
gimme that sunshine in the dark and it's the remedy🌞
Los Angeles, California
pretty in peplum on the blog today 😊 sharing how I styled this tank + a few similar peplum tops under $25! #linkinbio PLUS I'm sharing a link to a fun interview with @collegecandy 🙌🏼
Restaurante Almanara Shopping Bourbon
💙 him and our beat up $20 canoe