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David Pecaut Square
El es Dilan y nos visitó hace unas semanas gracias @monasteriosdayana por confiar de nuestras manos este hermoso recuerdo... #ccs #guarenas #miranda #photo #photography #newborn #baby #toy #niños
Miranda (state)
Óculos #miumiu polarizado com proteção UVA+UVB400 + case. 😎 ⠀ 🚫Trabalhamos com réplicas classe AA. 🛇Não aceitamos devolução. 🛇Prazo de troca 02 dias por conta do cliente. 🛇Nao trocamos peças de liquidação. 🛇Não fazemos reserva. ⠀ ✔Enviamos para todo Brasil. ✔Use pag seguro/PicPay/depósito/transf. ✔Mais informações SOMENTE pelo watz 65 9 9628 3108 de segunda a sexta das 08:00 as 18:00 ⚘😘⚘
Tokyo, Japan
Lagos, Nigeria
Jimbaran Beach
Santos Dumont Airport
Bertinelli Cibus&Fun
B A R Photo by: Yesmarie (me) #photo #bar #wood #picture #like4like
Entre Pizzas y Leña
Càng lớn lên, chúng ta lại khác đi. Và đôi lúc chúng ta lại trở thành con người mà lúc bé chúng ta từng nghĩ : “ Mình sẽ không bao giờ như thế “ #asian #taiwan #green #tea #try #tired #vscocam #photo #hangout #vintage #style #instagood #like4like #share #followme
São Paulo, Brazil
FamILY it has 3 letters that says " I LOVE YOU"👌👌 #photography #photographer #photo #photofamily #rumboalaprimeracomunion #instime
Not listening to God's word turns Christians into fools, pope says Foolish people do their 'own thing' and transform the word of God with their own 'concept of reality' Not listening to God's word turns Christians into fools, pope says. Junno Arocho Esteves, #CNS October 18, 2017 Christians who do not really listen to the word of the God and are only concerned with outward appearances are corrupt and idolatrous, #PopeFrancis said. Foolish men and women believe they listen but instead do their "own thing always" and they transform the word of God with their own "concept of reality," the pope said Oct. 17 during his morning Mass at Domus Sanctae Marthae. "Fools do not know how to listen," he said. "And this deafness will bring them to corruption. The word of God doesn't enter, there is no place for love and, in the end, there is no place for freedom." The pope reflected on the day's Gospel from St. Luke (11:37-41) in which Jesus rebukes a Pharisee who "was amazed to see that (Jesus) did not observe the prescribed washing before the meal." "'Oh you Pharisees! Although you cleanse the outside of the cup and the dish, inside you are filled with plunder and evil,'" Jesus said. Those who criticized Jesus, like the Pharisee in the Gospel, were "corrupted by vanity, appearance, by exterior beauty and justice," the pope said. Christians today also are at risk of thinking this way, which leads them to become "ideologues of Christianity" rather than true followers of Jesus, he said. Ideology, the pope added, can become a form of idolatry that enslaves Christians "because they exchanged the truth of God with a lie." "This is the foolishness of Christians," the pope said. "There are foolish Christians and foolish pastors. St. Augustine would give them a good clobbering because the foolishness of pastors hurts the flock." Pope Francis said that despite the foolishness of his children, Jesus "is always at the door," knocking and waiting because "he longs for us." #PopeFrancis #Photo by Tiziana Fabi/AFP) Continued in comment section.
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