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Clases de Guitarra info☎️: 0993-885-866 @lionherris
Herrbroz Studios
Catonsville, Maryland
Do you guys know any music producers in the area? Message me or tag them if you do.
"Music Minute Thursday!" I wrote this groove this morning. There is more to it and lyrics to come! Had my man Ryan on kit @rwmdrums and Simon @simon_barroso on bass! Great jam guys! . . . . #musicminutethursday #thursday #music #musician #talentedmusicians #guitar #guitarist #drums #bass #goodtimes #distortion #singersongwriter #producer #fun #delay #songwriter #riffwars #studio #practice
#Focused! I am #DaronJones a true #musician #singersongwriter #musicproducer #performer and all around #entertainer here to remind you of why you 1st fell in love with #RnB #Music!
Question, to all of you amazing #women, from us men: 🎶 In this continued, up-hill journey towards equality, fundamental human rights and ending this violent, systemic abuse, how can men be most helpful to you and the change-making process? 🎶 How can we show up better for you? 🎶 What can men do to better serve you and this shift? 🎶 What do you need? 🎶 What role(s) do you wish men would take? 🎶 How do you wish men would show our support? 🎶 🎶 Amidst all of the patriarchal poison and violence that’s been happening since the beginning of time, know that there are millions of #men who also want to hear you, support you, love you, understand your needs, and learn & harness our own best ways to serve, support, grow and walk together beside you- as friends, partners, business partners, family members, husbands, dads, lovers and complete strangers. 🎶 🎶 We value your vulnerability. We value your courage. We value your intelligence. We value your rights. We value your minds, hearts, souls and bodies. We value the unquantifiable value you bring to the world. 🎶 🎶 The world needs you & your powerful voices & stories more than ever, so when you feel safe enough, please continue to speak up. We know it is absolutely not easy for you. Thank you for being so incredibly courageous in the face of oppression, discrimination, ignorance, manipulation, and violent disrespect of your rights, bodies, minds and humanity. 🎶 🎶 We as men, even the “nice guys” are purely responsible in varying levels for this problem continuing through history, and obviously we must be here as part of the solution. And we’re here to help. We’re here to listen. We’re here to learn. We’re here to transform. We’re here to hold each other accountable and change the status quo. We’re here for you, and with you, the women, making the changes in ourselves and society to create the change we wish to see in the world together. #metoo #youtoo #chooselove ☀️
We have all experienced loss in our lives. I wrote this song about how someone can touch your life, impact you, and then once they are gone.. when it comes to love, or love loss we are just quite never the same without them. I didn’t necessarily write this song about death but I just over all wrote it about how we can miss someone so much and long for them to hold us again and we are hopeful they will return back to us one day. It’s vaguely written to the point where you can interpret it anyway you’d like. I mean “Maybe Tomorrow” they’ll be a mile up the road because they want to apologize to you.. a mile up the road back from war... a mile up the road because you so long for them to be alive again so you can run to them and tell them you love them, miss them! 🙏🏻🌹🎶🎶🎶 🌹😍🎶💕💜 #aspiretoinspire #singersongwriter #angelicvoice #talented #originalartist #originalsong #professionalsinger #music #musician #model #italiangoddess #itunes #spotify
The Days are Changing - Original
Episode #032 - I got to talk with my ol’ buddy @BillyJustineau, who is now playing keys for @BrothersOsborne. He’s a great guy and has played for @frankieballard, @sean_mcconnell and many more. Good chat. Enjoy and have a great one! ✌🏼😎 (Apple Podcast link in @DSMPodcast bio.)
Nashville, Tennessee
#TBT to the last @chesterbe performance we covered with @kingsofchaos.
@Regranned from @muvenoofficial Look at me | look at u | we’re just a sinners | how can we fight each other | how can we fight each other || They stepped into our life| showing us what is fear | right in front of us | front of us | front of us all | God can U hear me now | put the peace to their mind | this is goin worse and you know it | i’m beging You Studio: @nadamusika #muveno #musician #rockband #musisisurabaya #bandsurabaya #indonesianband #nadamusika #mugostv #jatimland - #regrann
Nada Musika Recording & Sound System