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Jimmy Halfpenny
We had a bit of a scare today but all good in the end! 🙏 • I'm feeling fine but the issue was what I was NOT feeling - my baby's movements...👶👣 Our girl is usually very active and I feel her hourly but yesterday she was very quiet, even after tea in the evening. Same continued today so I thought I'd better be safe than sorry and go see my gp. She sent me to the hospital for further examination. After a nerve wrecking (looong) wait, I was "belted up" for an hour or so to monitor the baby's heart rate and activity. Finally the midwife was happy enough to let us go home - what a relief!! Although everything was fine I did have a little cry after such an emotional day... My pregnancy has gone so well until now that after the first nervous months I haven't really been worried or scared. Today I was. Feeling exhausted now but relieved. Massive thumbs up to baby's daddy who spent the whole afternoon and evening by my side 💕 I'll update my blog as soon as I recover from this experience 👋 #thirdtrimester #30weekspregnant #hospitaltrip #babygirl
Been quiet on here recently, but last weekend was a busy one going to a wedding in London, he made our weekend perfect though 🐿🌿🍂
North London Bowling Club
✨Thirty-six✨ 3+6=9. 9=divine feminine energy; the sum of the numbers of each Yuga; nine nights; destiny; wisdom; consciousness; my life path number. Today is also the day sixth day of Navratri, dedicated to Maa Katyayini - the daughter form of the goddess Durga. She is said to be a warrior goddess, who governs Bṛhaspati - the planet we know as Jupiter, who has been in Libra all this year and is known to be a planet of great fortune (Jupiter, I'll miss you when you go). . . This turn around the sun, my 36th, has been the most transformational of my life. When I look at all of the above I can't help but feel that everything I've done up until now led to this - do coincidences exist? Some say not. . . This time last year I set myself the goal of being self-employed by now and to be able to pay for a couple of nursery days (so I could get work done!) plus something to go towards household expenses. This morning I went to the beach with my family and had lunch at my favourite cafe, then I came home and got some work done while the kiddoes were napping. Tomorrow and Thursday are nursery days. I never thought any of this would come to anything - and now it's just what I do. It's all a journey and if it all came to an end tomorrow, I'd feel very thankful for getting to this point. But I don't want it to end. I have so many plans, places, people to see and connect with. So I'm left wondering where I will be this time next solar return. If I've managed to manifest this, then what am I capable of next? All I know is that I'll continue to work my bumbum off to keep this growing into something immense. . . What plans and dreams do you have? What's next for you? Write it down. Speak it aloud. Whatever it is I wish you nothing but love on your journey. . . Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday messages today 💕💕💕 Remember you have until midnight tomorrow (27th) to use the code BIRTHDAY25 for 25% off your order over £5 (link in bio). As I said in my previous post, it comes with the proviso that you're ok with the earliest shipping date being 9th October as I'm off to Cornwall for a week on Friday. Thanks as always for your understanding. Helen x
Ready for forest school? Tots Go Wild for 0-5's is on tomorrow from 9.30am. Dig and prep veggies to make homemade soup. Yum! 🌳🥕🥔🍁⠀ ⠀ #OutdoorPlay #earlyyears #forestschool #outdoorfun #toddlerlife #mumlife #nature #play
Flanders Fields And Bobby Moore Pavillion
Happiness. Letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is. Did I win?! #reallife
This crib loving babe sleep like a big boy on our vacation 🤗🙏🏼... the transition could not have went any better!! Thank you @dockatot mama still got to sleep 🙋🏻 • • • • • #mumlife #mummum #toddlerlife #toddlersofinstagram #musthave #dockatot #dockatotgrand #thetot #momswithcameras #boymom #mummumneedssleep #bigboybed #grateful #graditude #mom
Let’s throw it back to the night Stanley just forgot how to sleep. I was basically a zombie sitting on the couch looking down and him. Eventually Ella got off the couch and laid down next to him...almost like magic, he fell asleep ✨ . #letthembelittle #dogsandbabies #bordercolliesofig #bordercollieoftheday #oureverydaymoments #kidsanddogs #mumlife #momlife #proudmum #dogmum
Sopravvisuta del martedì 💪🏻
Beautiful Girl's Pumpkin outfit 🎃 . Order here > Or click our link in bio . #littlesecretsclothing #unique #babygirl #littlegirlsdress #mumlife #parenting #baby #love #cute #madewithlove #halloween #mummy #fancydress #costume #dressup #pumpkin #top #tutuskirt #kidsootd #trendy #girlsfancydress
Time. How does it ALWAYS escape me. I think if I had four more pairs of arms and about another five hours everyday, I could actually get everything done. I can't be the only one who feels like they're treading water on a daily basis though right?! Maybe I just need an almighty slap across the face with a big wet fish and pull myself together. I dunno- can't believe it's only Tuesday anyway. #justcantgetshitdone #today #ijustwanttobeanoctopus #butnotreally #althoughitwouldbehandy #imprettysuremykidswouldbeterrified #blahblahblah #mumlife
Looking forward to a him and me day tomorrow 💙 Anyone watching Dr Foster tonight? 😬
Piececitos 👣🖤 #piececitos #mumlife #soulmates
Ocata Beach
Love this! Bill had a dummy until he was 3...... somehow he can string a sentence together!!!! 😂 #mumlife #badmum #mumquotes
Audley, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom
Today I'm feeling grateful. My husband came home with some flowers for me and I'm thrilled. Sunflowers are one of my most favourite flowers. I also had some great news from my consultant today over a health issue. Bella's chiropractor appointment went well and my husband had some good work news! So all in all a great day. I'll go to bed feeling happy and thankful tonight ☺️.
#yogaeverydamnday Day 25 No yoga but a long walk with baby girl and meditation. My yoga teacher teached us this mantra. I didn't know the meaning. Now that i know i love it! #themagicofmantras ☆ #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl #meditation#love#peace#mantra#om#yoga#challenge#drawing#lifestyle#momlife#mumlife#motherhood