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Mindfulness and meditation, as techniques to make our 'doing' more efficient, stem from the same quick-fix mentality that brought us off-the-shelf diet-pills. 'Practicing mind-emptiness' would be a more useful sign-post. Yet practicing for the mind to be empty by sitting still can mean falling into the same trap from another angle. Furthering the illusion that we are seeking for an altered state, which needs a special requirement. When the mind leaves the meditation-cushion and thinks 'This was nice. I am looking forward to the next time when I can sit on my cushion and practice.' then we mistook the sign-post for the destination. On the other hand, what happens when you simply 'do', is presence. No practice needed. Presence is the path. Not the means to an end. The words 'doing' and 'being' are the best sign-posts. No-one can deny that they are and do. You don't need to go further than that. That's the arrival point. I firmly believe that accessing presence through movement is more helpful for most people's lifestyles today than sitting on their butts. More helpful for being happy in life? Yes, but that's not the point. The point is to do. If you have the chance to attend a movement class, or you have a rough idea on how to cultivate your own movement practice, do it. For no other reason than doing it, being present at life. That's what all of us can use more of. Unless you are Gary Vee, he has the 'doing' part figured out. He only needs diverse movement it if he wants to live a couple of years longer. ;)
Victoria Park, Hong Kong
Rules for my sons now up on My friend Keri posted a simple list of things that she wanted her son to know (some serious some funny) and I thought it was a clever way to discuss some things with my boys. Raising boys is a serious business. The example my sons see both at home and when hey are out with their friends and family is crucial in heir development. I want to raise good men. I'm doing the best I can to exemplify the kind of values that I feel these boys need to survive in this world. I'm sure I will add to, and maybe even adjust some of the rules in the list, but for now, I think this is a good start. What are some rules you think are important to give when raising young men? Link in my profile. • • • • #parenting #son #motherhood #mindful #mindfulness #mindfulmotherhood #values #respect #momlife #mother #momma
In the process of clipping. It's funny how an inch to two inch ledge feels massive when climbing. • •• ••• #ilovethissport #climbing #rockclimbing #leadclimbing #sportclimbing #kreig #chalkbag #lasportiva #blackdiamond #onbelay #belayon #climbon #climb #explore #adventure #wanderlust #stayfit #stayfocused #balance #chalkhands #clipping #focus #mindfulness
Respect your mind, but listen to the wisdom of your body. Leadership is an affair of the heart.
#changeSomethingInYourLife #lettingGo #gradualAcceptance #mindfulness #meditation #zenwords #theMiraceforest Can you solve the problem by changing something in your life? If yes, go do it, and if no then let it go. There’s nothing better you can do anyway, right? I once concluded that there’s no problem in life to which “let it go” would not be a feasible solution. Some issues are harder to let go of and some are easier, but gradual acceptance is the best approach to any situation we cannot change. — The Miracle Forest
A partir de septiembre'17 yoga y meditación con Ricard Rotllan en Essential Institute, muy cerca de ti (metro, bus, ronda de dalt; parking gratuito). #meditación #mindfulness #sabiduria #yoga #hatayoga
I loved this quote from Mark Manson's book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. Taking responsibility lets us get present and move forward. • What blame or resentment have you been hanging onto that it might be time to let go of to free yourself up?
Sherrill Center & Kimmel Arena
Do what matters to you. Leave the comparison at the door and never pick it up again.
High in the hills above #Cardiff , I spent the day with some wonderful women. We walked through the countryside, meditated, counselled eachother, laid our fears and worries bare and came out of it relaxed, offloaded and more positive. I can’t wait to join the next @freshairfridays as a regular member. #mindfulness #mentalwellbeing
The leaves are about to show us what it's like to let it all go. Happy Fall Equinox. 🍂🍁🌟
NYU Global Spiritual Life
Life is going in a good direction right now and I can't wait to see what the future holds #positive #happy #mindfulness