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"But if I am to let my life speak things I want to hear, things I would gladly tell others, I must also let it speak things I do not want to hear and would never tell anyone else! My life is not only about my strengths and virtues; it is also about my liabilities and my limits, my trespasses and my shadow. An inevitable though often ignored dimension of the quest for 'wholeness' is that we must embrace what we dislike or find shameful about ourselves as well as what we are confident and proud of." Parker Palmer ✨ Usually when I start getting overwhelmed, frustrated, perplexed, or unable to connect the means I'm not listening to my body in a very specific way. On the mat. Reconnect. Let the movement sort out all the gaps and missing pieces and let the breath and oxygen flow and find a sense of acceptance. ✨ I'm a music, words and movement girl. ✨ Music speaks to me, words resonate and give me something almost tangible to hold onto, and movement helps my brain and my body. It brings clarity when nothing else does. ✨ Words matter deeply to me. And when people throw around words, platitudes and cliches I haven't experienced, I can't get behind those kinds of concepts. Contentment has been one of these words that I've never connected with -- it's been this thing I've never been able to "achieve." Lately, this word acceptance has me thinking that maybe what acceptance means to me is what contentment might mean to others. ✨ I'm in a place of trying to make the most of what I've got and with the circumstances I'm in. This season of balancing acceptance of what is, with what could be. I guess it's that tension of the now and the not yet. And with acceptance I can practice gratitude. ✨ This is a verse I've always loved: "She did what she could." ✨ And maybe, that's all that's asked of us. Not to meet some impossible measurement of success and achievement...but to do what we can with what we have. With our time, with our circumstances and with every unique aspect of who we are and how we are wired. Allow our limitations to guide us just as our strengths do just like Parker Palmer says in the quote above. (From his book, Let Your Life Speak)
Join us tomorrow morning at 9 am for a relaxing class. Be sure to bring your thick towel (bath sized is best)! See you in the morning! #jesusandyoga #meetjesusonthemat #strengthenandstretch #allbodiesareyogabodies
First Baptist Church Mounds, OK
A little over a year ago I said “Yes!!” to diving head first into a divine adventure which continues to change me EVERY. DAY. Today I was blessed to guide a yoga class for the 108th time. It’s not lost on me what a privilege it is to #speaklife and guide others through a movement experience. While 108 is a powerful number in a yoga practice; it also happens to be the number from one of my favorite Psalms. I continue to be humbled by the lessons I learn on this journey; which unites mind, body and Holy Spirit. Thank You Lord! I will continues to sing your name and praise You!! #singpraises #songofmylife #yogateacher #108 #psalm108 #milestone #divinejourney #calling #jesusandyoga #jesusismyguru
Long version* (keep scrolling for the condensed version): Don’t mind my not breathing while transitioning to chin stand 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m a trained professional (or something like that..) . . DAY ONE! #ekapadakoundinyasana2 for #yogitrickortreat2 👻 I chose the trick version simply because it was a posture that until recently wasn’t accessible in my practice. Concerted effort to open up my psoas (workin for that #straightline in #handstand 💪🏼) really gave my glutes and back the ability to use the strength I’ve always had to lift that back leg and keep it up. I won’t always post videos but wanted to say hey 👋🏼 to everyone else in the challenge this afternoon and give you a baby glimpse into my practice. Excited for what’s to come! . . Short version*: #practiceandalliscoming . . Hosts: @thegivingmom @mmaneevese @chelseasyoga @summerperez Sponsor: @aloyoga . . #dayone #boowitches #TRICKortreat #yogitrickortreat2 #namasteallday #practiceyogachangeyourworld #saltandlight #jesusandyoga #justbreathe #newmoon #intention #mantra #dontrun #epk2
#AffirmationTime. Because life and death lies in the power of our words. We will not use our voice to destroy or sabotage ourselves. But to build. _ Today, you have everything that you need. It’s all a gift. #Friday #AffirmationsWithSalem
{. Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. } . . {Love should always make us tell the truth. Then we will grow in every way and be more like Christ, the head of the body. Christ holds it together and makes all of its parts work perfectly, as it grows and becomes strong because of love.} ‭‭.Ephesians‬ ‭4:15-16‬. . . Courage & Faith. Courage & Faith. . 🙏🏻🌾🏹🌔🍂 .
Be Yoga Studio
This quote originally ended with “Be thankful you have endured.” I took it out. I’m thankful for many things, including endurance. But in the middle of hell, enduring hell is not something you are thankful for. That vision comes later. So for this quote, let’s focus on change. Improvement. Gratitude is the natural result. Gratitude: we’ve got a future date. Today: survival. #yogareading #yogatheme #jesusandyoga #yogaandoils
PINK OUT = Practice in Pink! Join us this Saturday as we "Practice in Pink"and remember Abbe Fath during October! • Breathe & move in honor of someone in your life affected by Breast Cancer! Abundant Yoga gives $1 for every person Practicing in Pink on Saturday, Oct. 21st to Susan G. Komen in Abbe's honor. • #octoberforabbe #gopink #pink #practiceinpink #pinkout #susangkomen #yoga #yogi #breastcancerawarenessmonth #Jesusandyoga #abundantyoga #christianyoga #franklinyoga #nashvilleyoga #franklintn #nashvilletn #lovingGoddoingyoga @susangkomen
Abundant Yoga
@Regrann from @stefaneekai - { H O L Y🕇Y O G A } This was my blissful "get to" tonight with my girl Shawna @soulcareyoga and this amazing Holy Yoga community we have here in Petaluma! God is so good!❤🙏❤ @alohakaiyoga.petaluma @holyyogaofficial * * * * #alohakaiyoga #alohakaitribe #christianwomeninbusiness #yogaeveryday #holyyoga #petaluma #christianyoga #jesusisthereason #jesusandyoga #yogainspiration #soulcare #sonomacounty #aloha #yoga #yogalove #yogajourney #practiceandalliscoming #practicepracticepractice #breathe #faith #faithandfitness #blackandwhitephoto
Petaluma, California
{ H O L Y🕇Y O G A } This was my blissful "get to" tonight with my girl Shawna @soulcareyoga and this amazing Holy Yoga community we have here in Petaluma! God is so good!❤🙏❤ @alohakaiyoga.petaluma @holyyogaofficial * * * * #alohakaiyoga #alohakaitribe #christianwomeninbusiness #yogaeveryday #holyyoga #petaluma #christianyoga #jesusisthereason #jesusandyoga #yogainspiration #soulcare
Aloha Kai Yoga
I’ll try not to bombard your feed between tomorrow and Halloween (anymore than usual, that is 🙃), but with this new moon tonight I’m setting an intention for the next month and sticking to it. I will finish a challenge. It’s not the fear of not winning that keeps me from entering, it’s the crazy-big “what if I DO win?.. What happens then?” I know of yogis who were happily doing their thing and winning a challenge opened doors for them. New opportunities. And that scares me right now. Could I handle bigger? More?.. . . My mantra during practice lately has been: “Don’t Run”. So I’ll do this thing and I’ll finish it. And hopefully post on the right days and in the right order. (#tbd) Anyway, wanna join me homies? @rromeroart @rachelaruss @bropell @hollonbeasley @tay_bay_bay__ @_akjoyce @price_bennett @maryrunsyoga — and if not, do you agree to at least snap pics for me if I ask? 😁🙏🏼 . . Hosted by: @thegivingmom @mmaneevese @chelseasyoga @summerperez Sponsored by: @aloyoga . . #yogitrickortreat2 #namasteallday #practiceyogachangeyourworld #saltandlight #jesusandyoga #justbreathe #newmoon #intention #mantra #dontrun
That one time I got to do something truly epic. This catalyst for healing, and freedom, and shedding, and finding myself. Damn it was a beautiful mess. And the way all of our fellow wanderers rose up out of the cracks, and the dust, and the corners of the universe. The wild and tender force of embracing Love, of declaring that #ThereAreNoOthers, of cultivating belonging, of shaping the way we talk about inclusivity. That podcast went from 0-8,000 subscribers in weeks. That retreat was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced within the yoga community. And those badasses still show up for each other every day in the FB group. It wasn’t my forever path, but it was one of the best things I have ever done with my life. Whatever the dream is, risk it. Do it. Don’t wait, or hold back, or calculate what it will cost you. If you’re dreaming it, you’ve gotta live it. PS I love you #jesusandyoga babes. I fucking love you. PC: @amynicolescottyoga
It's been a hard day of experiential restorative yoga training and character development, but someone has to do it 😂📿💗🕯#livingwatersyoga #300hrteachertraining #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #500hrytt #holyyogaministries #holyyogawithbonnie #jesusandyoga #namaste #praisegod #thankyoujesus #yogaeveryday #yoga #resorativeyoga #yogawithprops
Living Waters Yoga
Fridays 9:30-10:30am Holy Yoga Slow Flow Crossroads Church in Parker (corner of Dransfelt & Lincoln) Drop in donation $5-$10 Free childcare Full details at link in profile #holyyoga #jesusandyoga #heartsoulmindyoga #crossroadschurch #parkercolorado #parkeryoga #jesusistheintention
Crossroads Community Church-Parker
Rest day today called for some “stress free” yoga on @yogaglo w/ @diceyoga ✨ Gosh technology is SO insane. I have access to the best of the best trainers, yogis, and meal plans all in my back pocket. #blessedlife Who woulda thunk! . . . . . #teamfighttofinish #teamroottorise plantbasedfoods #studentlife #yogaofinstagram #happyliving #selflove #selfappreciation #toneitupgirl #morningmeditation #yogateachers #jesusandyoga #yogateacherlife #stayinspired #realnotperfect #authenticallyliving #journalingoninstagram #fitgirlsdontquit #selfloveisthebestlove #fitgirlsunite #bbgcommunity #nikegirl #aloyoga #lululemonyoga #wanderlustlove #lululemon #wildandfree #groovygirl
University of Minnesota Crookston
Grace carried me here, and by grace I will carry on. . . . . #yoga #grace #christianyoga #holyoga #jesusandyoga #yogamom #yogagirl #yogagram #igyoga