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Working with @thichapilates on the #fitsprings was a great experience for me. She is a classically trained #ballet dancer and is very light and flexible. We worked on releve balances with the leg resistance then went into a more modern approach to plié attitude squats which assist the movement. : : This video is sped up and was done in sets of 8 which fatigue you as well as increases heart rate. It's a good interval training sequence for dancers and non dancers. : :
Las Vegas, Nevada
Quito, Ecuador
Although we are creating some beautiful things here at the office of @moesengrietnl.... sometimes in our mind we are on a holiday, enjoying the sun, wearing a straw head and no bra. 🍒 That's the life we want to live.... But hey, maybe in the future, right? #moesengriet #futuregoals #freetheboobs #inspiration #wanderlust #driftingaway #strawhat #softtones #comfortable #eatingcherries #styleinspo
Name a more ionic duo.😅 #fabumenswear #fabu @lfeliperamos
Einen guten Grund zum Spielen haben die Kinder der vom Hochwasser zerstörten KiTa „Spielkiste“. Der elastische Boden Eiche Avant ist ideal, um sicher die ersten Schritte zu machen. The children from the daycare „Spielkiste“, which was destroyed by a flood, have all the reason to celebrate. The elastic floor Oak Avant is ideal to make the first steps. #parador #40Jahre40Projekte #gewinnspiel #jubilee #jubiläum #win #giveaway #flooring #inspiration #living #interior #interiordesign #interiorlovers #designlovers #dreamfloor #children #childhood #growup
We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How you manage it is what makes a difference || Wrapping up the next #influentialindividual series. Stay tuned ✌ #munuminc #tribaltheory #islandvibes #influentialindividuals #motivationmonday
FAB INSPIRATION Originating from Rajasthan, Bandhani also known as Bhandhej has is a well-travelled craft and has been loved all over. These Bandhani cushion covers from @kdty_decordesign are like little tokens of love from Sydney, Australia. P.S. We love the composition! #fabriclore #fabrics #designyourown #bandhani #bandhej #fashion #lifestyle #inspiration #handcrafted #india #rajasthan #indiancraft #cushioncovers #australia #sydney
Hoy es una lección en comportamiento Angélico. Nos dicen que a lo largo de nuestros caminos vamos a encontrarnos con muchos oportunidades y vamos a tener muchos deseos propios. Si confiamos y pedimos ayuda de Los Ángeles, siempre nos dan este ayuda para llegar a donde queremos, pero suelen darnos los pasos uno por uno y pocas veces los enseñan el plan completo... solo el final y el siguiente paso (de esta manera estamos asegurados de siempre tener libre albedrío en cada momento o paso). Dicen los ángeles hoy que podemos comprobar que estamos siguiendo el camino apropiado en mirar el progreso que hemos hecho. Si Las cosas están fluyendo bien y fácil entonces vamos bien, pero si las cosas son difíciles y empiezan a ser una lucha entonces estamos peleando en contra a la naturaleza y debemos replantearnos y preguntarles porque estos problemas... son la creación de este nuestros propios pensamientos negativos o es simplemente que equivocamos de camino. Hablar con tus ángeles hoy, suelte, deje el ego a un lado y seguir su propia camino divino. . . Today is a lesson in Angelic behavior. They say that on our path we will come across many opportunities and we will have many personal desires. If we trust and ask for help from the Angels they will always give this help so we can get to where we want to be, but it is often given step-by-step and very rarely we will see the complete plan laid out... just the end and the next step (this way we are always assured of having a free will in every moment or step). Today the Angels say that we can test that we are on the right path by looking at the progress we have made. If things seem to be flowing well and easily then we are doing well, but if things become difficult and start to be a struggle, then we are fighting against nature then we should rethink things and ask ourselves why we are having these problems. Are they the creation of our negative thoughts or are we simply on the wrong track. Talk with your angels today, let go, leave your ego behind and follow your own Divine path. . . #archangel #Angel #bendiciones #blessings #power #poder #inspiration #inspiración #cartadeldia #AngelCards
Life is better with a tan 😆😂 i think nowadays it's completely mad this short term, quick fix mentality people have towards achieving things. It's so common but it's what stops anything actually being achieved. Phil Learney - "people want to be a millionaire next year but they're not willing to make a bullet proof plan that will guarantee they're a millionaire in 5 or 10 years". This goes exactly the same for health, fitness and physique goals. People want to achieve whole body transformations in 8 weeks or 12 weeks and yes, a lot can be done in that time providing you are compliant, but you can guarantee that you won't reach your ultimate goals in that time unless you are already very close. I can sit here and get excited about where I will be in a years time all the way to 5 years time because I understand things take time and it's all a working progress. So long as you consistently put the work in you will get where you want to be 💪 #muscle #shredded #ukbff #bodypower #body #fitfam #fit #fitnessmodel #gym #musclebeach #pose #photooftheday #fitspo #physique #mensphysique #abs #definition #swole #fitfam #aesthetics #life #motivation #inspiration #uk #world #bodybuilding