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Be sure to join us for our once-a-month ✨Saturday✨ offerings THIS Saturday, October 21, at 8:30AM and 10AM! This ⚠️ONLY⚠️ comes once a month! We hope to see you! // ✔️Saturday, October 21 • 8:30AM-9:30AM & 10:00AM-11:00AM • Third Coast Salt Amarillo • 7620 Hillside • Suite 150 • located in the same shopping center as 575 Pizzeria Hillside #holyyoga #holyyogaamarillo
Guess who joined the yoga party!!!! So much yoga and studying, it's time for an extended svasana (aka nap) 😂😴🤤🙃 Day 3 focus and intention: Yoga for cancer, survivors, and addictions. #yoga #yogamom #yogamomsofig #yogaeveryday #namaste #justbreathe #naptime #livingwatersyoga #holyyoga #yogateacher #yogateachertraining
Living Waters Yoga
We had such an amazing time last weekend at all of The Holy Yoga Experiences across the country! The next one is January 6th, 2018! Bring it to your hometown! Consider hosting one! Link in profile or type in:
First butterfly I saw in a long time 💛 #friday #butterfly #sanjuancapistrano #peaceful #blessed
Happy Friday! Let's start the weekend out right tomorrow with barre at 8:30am with Lisa and slow flow at 10am with Brenda! • (maybe even treat yourself to a new tee - check out our last post for a couple of our favorites!) • #holyyoga #holyyogacincinnati #cincinnatiyoga #slowflow
Worthy Yoga
One of the biggest mistakes we make as humans is to believe that our pain is exclusive and our beauty is ordinary/// @jmstormquotes ➕➕➕ Here’s to {dualistic} Truth. We are all in this together. And we are more alike than we are different AND YET Y.O.U. Are so unique & precious... and you being here (showing up) changes EVERYthing. BOTH are True. Here’s to soaking up BOTH of those as Truth. • • • • #dualistic PC: @sami.scott
Come warm up w/ a yoga flow on a cool fall day with some Holy Yoga as we continue reviewing the similarities of the Yamas w/ the Ten Commandments.  If you have anything in particular you'd like to work on in class (ie:  lower back issues, knees, tight hips, hamstrings etc.), please comment below. #holyyogadenver #denveryoga #denverchristianyoga #stressrelief #yogainspiration #yogaeveryblessedday #holyyoga #littleton
South Fellowship Church
He did! And He does! And He will! I love that we in Holy yoga have learned to root down to rise up and that rooting down is on the Solid Rock!! My firm foundation, No sinking sand. I GET TO SERVE THIS WEEK!! I am beyond honoured- excited - and as I like to say spiritually geeked out!! What Jesus gives me 💥💥💥💨💨 so far exceeds anything this world has EVER given OR taken from me!!! #refugeholyyoga #ilovejesus #restoration #hemakesallthingsnew #christianyoga #holyyoga #ontherockistand #youcantoo #movebreathpray #fitmoms
@Regrann from @alohakaiyoga.petaluma - { B R E A T H E } I'm so grateful that through this week we've been able to rely on keeping the air quality good in the studio with our @younglivingeo! I don't know what I would've done without my Purification & Thieves Essential Oils! I could eat them they're so good!🙏❤🙏❤🙏 * * * We'd love for you to join us at @alohakaiyoga.petaluma this Saturday morning October 21st from 10:30am-12:00pm for our {Young Living Essential Oils & Yoga Workshop} Enjoy mimosas & goodies while learning about the amazing health benefits that these little oils offer! Build community, make new friendships, and learn how you can incorporate them into your every day life, your families lives, pets lives, and into your Yoga practice! This event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC! Bring your friends & family and enter to win {1 week of Free Yoga classes} Can't wait to see you here! * * * Find us in the heart of Downtown Petaluma, Ca! Located on the Upper Deck of the Great Petaluma Mill, overlooking the Petaluma River! WEBSITE: EMAIL: [email protected] Studio: 707-559-5723 Cell: 707-486-1243 #alohakaiyoga #alohakaitribe #younglivingessentialoils #essentialoils #yogastudio #yogaworkshop #yleo #startupbusiness #breathe #community #smallbusiness
Aloha Kai Yoga
Tomorrow’s salt session is sold out! There are still spots left in tonight’s slow flow class at the Milton studio. Shoot me a DM to let me know you’re coming. ✌🏼 • #holyyoga #youngsvillela #youngsville #wherelifeissweeter #practiceandalliscoming #getfreestayfree
Stop to Hear That Still Small Voice tomorrow Saturday! 2 x’s • • • Every Saturday 8-9am Achieve Wellness • • • Every Saturday 10:30-11:30am @maluyogafitness Download the Glofox app and search #maluyogaandfitness To book
Repost from @holyyogaofficial using @RepostRegramApp - Whatever is brought into the light can be healed. The problem is we are afraid of revealing what we fear because we believe revealing it makes it real. Just the opposite. Revealing it allows it to heal. Fear has so much more power over us when we hold it in, ruminate on it, or attempt to avoid it ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕ Day 5 of our latest Challenge on vulnerability and it's not too late to start! Read the fullness of this devotion on our app. Download The Holy Yoga Experience App in the App Store or on Google Play. * * * #holyyoga #yoga #yogapracticer #hopespoken #bandhas #breath #virtualyogaworkshop #freeyoga #yogaapp #ytt #yogaalliance #faithandfitness #believer #holla #jesus #vulnerability #yourewelcomhere #october #yogachallenge
Tempe Town Lake
Happy Friday, friends! Enjoy your rest this weekend. ❤️
My mom might be cooler then yours 😆 look at her go, if you are over 50 and you think things aren't possible check out this woman she is strong, inspiring and pretty impressive. Never give up... 6 months ago she could not do this... practice and dedication breads changes. @jonihinton teaches a great class of holy yoga. Join us next Thursday. And No you don't have to be able to do this move to join 😁
Summit View Church Westside Campus
This picture was taken on a swing set in Swaziland back in June of this year. It was toward the end of my trip and I was tired. This is what an existential crisis looks like. So for this installment of #fridayintroductions Let me tell you why it’s taken me this long to post. What am I doing with my life? Does what I’m doing with my life even matter? What will live on after I’m gone and how will others know that I was here? To be honest, I could really care less if the next generation knows my name, but what I do want is that the next generation knows the name of Jesus, because I lived. I want what I’m doing with my life to tell the story of redemption and grace in a way that lives on after I’m gone. That swing I’m on, it’s there because a woman named Ruby loves her community. She cares for her community. She made it her life’s work to provide for the children of her community in body through food, in mind through education, through spirit by teaching truth. She’s in her late 80s and still walks a few miles each day to get here. But it’s here because of her. And she’s encouraged others along the way and they will carry on after her. I wanna be like Ruby. I want to be a disciple of Jesus who sees the need of others and then does whatever it takes to meet that need. That’s who I really am. I want you to know the grace and the peace of God. And the power in the name of Jesus. Welcome to ANNIE MARTIN | YOGA LIFESTYLE
Soulful Saturday is coming your way. Join the SYP Family at 9 AM for a morning meditation, the poetry of Mary Oliver and movement to nourish body, mind and spirit. Tag a friend who needs a little soul care. Your guide @jessicamariejordan
Super Yoga Palace
We thank our partner, @traffickfree, for giving us the opportunity to explore art here at Salt and Light.⠀ #holyyoga #arthealing #arttherapy
Chicago, Illinois
You will lift my head above the mighty waves You are able to keep me from stumbling And in my weakness You are the strength that comes from within Good Shepherd of my soul Take my hand and lead me on - Amanda Cook Bethel Music . . . . #amyjaninephotography #holyyoga #bethelmusic #love #trust #family #mommyanddaughter #rest #bestillandknow
Holy Yoga tomorrow morning at New Hope Church in Canton 😌 $5 suggested donation. All are welcomed. You have a place here and you are loved 💜✝️💜 #HolyYoga