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I talked about late night eating yesterday and how the calories at night are the same as the calories in the day. However if you've eaten a full day of calories and still feel snacky in the evening, then let's be smart about how we indulge. Here's some great advice by @dkp_fit ・・・ While research has shown that eating later at night doesn't necessarily lead to an increase in body fat if total caloric intake is in check, I don't know many people who are craving chicken breast and broccoli at 9 o'clock at night after they've already eaten dinner. 😂 . Here are some ideas for nighttime snacks that aren't too calorie dense and decently filling to satisfy your late night cravings: 1. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop protein powder and ice blended up to make a protein shake. 🍼 2. Mini popcorn bags (I recommend skinny girl or Orville Redenbacher's 100 cal bags)🍿 3. Pre-portioned protein ice cream treats. I personally love the enlightened bars since they have a decent amount of fiber and protein per bar.🍦 4. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk and a serving of cereal. I like getting the "healthier" cereals or mixing half high fiber cereal and half junk food cereal. 🤓 . What do you guys usually have for night time snacks? Let me know in the comments! 👇🏼
#Day3 of the #confidentAF challenge • ....How I stay partially sane when I don’t leave the house for days 💃🏼 @xogingy
You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain. Getting to the top isn't easy. It may be hard, but hard is not impossible. Tough situations build strong people. Be blessed my friends.
Anti - Aging Strategies? ********************** Learn how to manage stress ********************** This ⬆️includes how you view and emotionally deal with a 'healthful life' - Are the food choices you make increasing anxiety through worry you have eaten something 'bad' ? - do you exercise through fear of getting fat as opposed to a desire to improve #health? Are you terrified of change ? If so ... address that sh*t ******************* Eat more veg (period) ******************* Don't think you are a hero because you have no sleep - sleep is the bomb for helping you look and feel young *********************** Throw in what you may perceive as needless extra movement everyday - this means walking up stairs instead of taking escalators .... taking a walk in your lunch hour instead of scrolling through #instagram ..... *********************** Ditch being so extreme -extreme actions never lead to longevity - it simply creates more stress (and in my experience is driven by fear and anxiety) - extremity can be helpful for a short lived goal -long term and think balance - think enjoyment - think how you want to spend your life 'being and feeling' ********************** Drink more water ********************** Striving to 'be thin' is aging - I see so many people obsessed with bodyfat who look tired and older than their years - Strength Train instead - there is nothing that will prove more anti aging for the physical body than building resilience for muscles - bones and nothing that is more uplifting for the mental capacity and resilience than #exercising to feel and look #strong as opposed to wanting to waste away ..... ************************** Take responsibility for your own life - sure hire support and help - even a #healthcoach #mentalhealthworker or #personaltrainer if you need one,but make no mistake they cannot be in control of every decision you make outside of the time you spend with them - (which will actually constitute the time where change happens) - don't bull*sht yourself into thinking otherwise - don't blame others - Be accountable - this is empowering and 'power' is good - 😊 #jillgreenwood #antiaginghacks #belikewinenotmilk #antiage
Early morning matcha lattes 🍵 for me and my girl. She's up at 6am studying again for her first French exam in her new school. She's been studying French for five years in Spain, but the Swiss program is quite a bit more advanced. Poor girl, but also lucky that at 14 years old, she has to study in a bilingual English/German program with French and Italian as foreign languages . . . and still retain her fluency in Castellano! Hope she doesn't end up like me speaking a mixture of several languages. Have you heard Korean mixed up with German, for example? 😳😀👌🏻 #healthibella #healthcoach #earlybird
Every afternoon my hungry teens get one of these smoothie bowls for afternoon tea😉👌❤️🌿 Check out my Insta story to see what ingredients I sneak into them!! If you would like to see a demo on how I make these bowls, comment below!👌
Love that there is so much on offer with the JBT 8 Week Shred. Not only are you given our incredible fat loss guide, lifetime access to a maintenance program for long term results, online support groups, nutrition support, the chance to win $2500 in prize money and hundreds of healthy, delicious and family friendly recipes.... I am now also able to offer one on one coaching calls with personal trainer and lifestyle coach Jess Schembri, co-writer of the 8 Week Shred, for the first 10 people who jump on board before the 25th September!! How awesome is that!! PLUS, check out my bonus offer in the pic below! So many amazing reasons to join the shred now and start your journey to better health. Message me or comment YES below for more info 😁 #8weekshred #healthcoach #prizemoney #weightloss #healthylifestyle #wholefoods #familyfriendlyrecipes #healthyfamily #activewear #summerready #bikinibody #loseweight #nutritionalsupport #lornajane
Play on words 🙌🏻
So true ❤️❤️❤️love what you do and trust the process! Repost @brendonburchard Happy Thursday 💋💋 #motivation #inspiration #leoluftwellness #healthcoach #plantbased #eatclean #cooking #workshop #fitness #fitgirl #lifestyle #munich #expatinmunich
Munich, Germany
1 day until this 🙈😱 It brings me happy tears to write this, never in a thousand dreams would I thought this could be my reality. ▫️ Getting to stage without illness, injury, personal issues, work interruptions, family commitments etc is 50% of the battle, anyone that get to the stage is a winner already it's a long lonely journey at times. ▫️ Competing in a sport that requires so much discipline, patience and hard work. Being in a sport so rampant in excess meat intake, drugs, synthetics chemicals and surgery enhancement. To be natural and vegan, amongst it all makes it certainly harder to do well, but bitter sweet. ▫️ Tomorrow will be a fun day for me, as I compete in the Bikini Opens against women 1/2 my age, as I did in Australia this year in March in these pics. Never did I think I would place 3rd, on an international Opens stage and this has been my biggest win to-date. Getting a 1st trophy means nothing to me and my 'why' I compete. ▫️ Smashing ideals, beliefs and showing what is possible is as a vegan, natural, higher carbed and as an older women does. ▫️ I'm have paved the way for change, to show people how to do this sport healthy and vegan was my mantra always. Too many people think this sport is unhealthy, as many do go to those extremes but with the above discipline, patience and hard work it can be achieved without all the crap. ▫️ More instastories to come ✌🏼❤️ here goes all, going to enjoy the beautifying process from here 😜 👙Bikini by @all4meonline thank you Anne ❤️. ▫️ ▫️ #plantbased #plantstrong #vegan #veganbodybuilding #veganfitnessmodel #hardcorevegans #pranaontribe #pranaon #plantstrong #plantbased #ninjagirl #ninjawarriorau #australianninjawarrior #plantfit #plantstrong #veganfit #bikinicompetitor #veganbodybuilding #vegancoach #healthcoach #healthy
i ♥ Barcelona
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Oui oui il faisait très froid dans les Écrins ! On s'est même pris quelques petits grêlons. ❄ Mais pas de quoi se plaindre, car être à la montagne fait un bien fou. 🏔 Reconnectez-vous à la nature, allez marcher dans un parc ou dans la forêt, admirez les arbres et les feuilles d'automne qui commencent à tomber. 🍁 Être en contact avec la nature fait baisser la tension artérielle, le rythme cardiaque, l'activité électrique du cerveau, diminue la tension et l'anxiété, et améliore considérablement la santé. 🤗👌 Nature power. 👊🌿 . . . #nature #naturepower #powerofplants #naturalgirl #naturallife #viesaine #santenaturelle #naturopathe #bienmanger #outdoorwomen #outdoorsy #escalade #randonnée #sportslover #sporty #sportive #yoga #healthcoach #coachsante #coaching #automne #blonde #blogueuse #liberté #montagne #santé #mountainlife #lavieestbelle #lifecoaching #positivevibes
Massif des Écrins
Picture is a little blurry but my baby abs are peekin and this sports bra makes it look like I have cleavage🙌🏽😎 VERY rare because I lost nearly all of my chest when I lost my weight. I went from a 36D to a 34A. It was hard to deal with at first but I've come to love my itty bitties☺️ They actually look a lott better now than when they were bigger😏 Chest exercises have reeeeally helped lift and shape them👌🏼So ladies, don't be afraid to workout your chest!! I promise you you'll love the results! In case you're wondering what that tattoo on my chest is- it's a ruby. I got it when I was 18 years old in memoriam of my mother who passed away from cancer when I was 10. Ruby was her middle name. Definitely THE hardest thing I've had to deal with in my entire life but it's made me who I am today🙏🏼 I got it above my heart so that I would remember she is always with me in spirit, guiding me through the right path❤️ #FuckCancer #EatYourMedicine #TakePreventativeMeasures On a side note- I've been itching to get another tattoo! Anybody recommend any good artists that can draw geometric designs/mandalas? Preferably in the LA area🙂 . . . . . . . . . . . #WorkInProgress #WomenWhoLift #Fitness #VeganFit #Muscles #PlantPowered #Vegan #BodyBuilding #Fit #FitFam #WeightLifting #VeganBodyBuilding #VeganWomen #VegansOfIG #PlantBased #FollowMe #GirlsWhoLift #FitChicks #GirlsWithMuscle #SheLifts #PlantBuilt #VeganFitness #GirlsWithTattoos #HolisticHealth #HealthCoach #Nutritionist #Cancer
✨It’s easy to think, “I’ll be happy when…I have X amount of money in the bank….I lose 15 pounds…I find my soul mate… (…anything else you desire) ” because we have a conditioned belief that in order to be happy we have to be and look a certain way, own certain things, follow a certain path to “succeed” in life. In reality, having and achieving these things creates attachments that only give us an illusion of security. Most people aren’t happy after they possess these things and move on to pursue the next thing that they think will make them happy. The more attached you are to external, material possessions, to outcomes and people, the more you fear loss and the more you allow them to take control of your happiness. Practicing detachment (one of the moral guidelines I learnt in yoga, “Aparigraha”) by letting go of these external cravings, letting go of wanting things to go in a certain way gives us so much freedom and allows us to live a more fulfilling life. Start by separating yourself from the little attachments in your daily life, seeing your morning coffee as something you enjoy rather than something you desperately need, or seeing your partner as someone who adds to your life instead of being the reason you live. Do you really need that new shirt that looks exactly like that other one you have at home? or that new car because it’s better than your neighbour’s? The next time you want to buy something, think about why you need it so much? Will it bring you lasting happiness? Be grateful for whatever comes, cultivate appreciation and feel happy with what you have right now.💖 📸 @steffi.sarkisphotography
I have no legs left, mjölksyreträning före spinningpass kan vara det dummaste jag gjort 😂🔫
Lillsveds Gymnastik O Idrottscenter
| Women Who Lift | @pippamidleton flying the flag for #Women #weighttraining🏋 Great to have #weightlifting ambassadors spreading the word.....#StrongIsHappy Part of a series of #articles full of tips & advice for #Women wishing to start #ResistanceTraining like #PippaMiddleton - @Waitrose #Weekend #magazine... #GrabACopy
Yesterday's mid-week produce haul 🍏🍌🥒🌽🍠🍅 Since I'm eating tons of veggies throughout the week & like them to be nice and fresh, plus I only have a relatively small fridge & freezer, I shop for produce at least twice every week. This lot of freshness cost me less than 20€! 💰The big green leaves on the left are kohlrabi leaves that people left behind, which I got for free 💸 I love chopping them up really fine and adding them to my daily salads for a great boost of dark leafy greens 🥗 Corn & sweet potato are big staples in my current diet, I have them roasted almost every night these days, they're so good! 🌽🍠❤️Which foods do you currently LOVE to eat? 😊💕