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Johannesburg, Gauteng
NARS has a new Orgasm collection. I am exciting because there are two new versions of Orgasm — a liquid blush and a lipstick — More more more!!!!!!!! . Nars面紅心跳新產品發怖會 NARS Orgasm Pop-Up Store將於5月26日至29日一連四日開放給公眾去玩,想率先體驗NARS全新Orgasm系列,可預先到以下網址登記! 唔好鐠過啦 #narshk #orgasmpopup #orgasm #happyfriday #narshk #orgasmpopup #10sec2orgasm #tgif #instabeauty #whatmakesyoublush #hkigers @oinkoinkpr #oinkoinkpr
When I came in today-it was still rainy, dark and gloomy. I thought I had grabbed the wrong cover up, and was definitely "heavy thinking" I decided I needed a bit of sunshine to my day and pulled out my bright and scary palette and create a sun rise of my own-definitely a nice pop to my eyes! Then-our network lines got cut 😂😂and I decided to play some more and added my new lippy sticks to brighten the day even more cu ya know what? My mind may get heavy-but I've plenty of blessings. #silverlinings are aplenty when you look for them-today is my FRIYAY! The rain is moving out and a good weekend will be ahead. #happyfriday y'all-and don't forget what this weekend is truly about. #alwaysremember #youniquelyyou #youniquemakeup #palette5younique #lipsplash
This 4 day weekend can't come quick enough 🤗🤗 #happyfriday
Mama Sze being all serious...#tb #camdenlock
If I ever took a loss, I learned a lesson 💟🎶 #HappyFriday #TbSelfie
Baltimore, Maryland
Zorlu Center
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" ~ Aristotle 👨🏻‍🏫. I couldn't agree more. A few posts back I spoke about one of my weaknesses being verbal reasoning and how I'm exercising that part of the brain to master it. There's no IQ test that can measure overall human intelligence... why? Because the brain has several different components for example- memory, reasoning and verbal are the 3 main cognitive components (among others). So one person with poor reasoning might have great memory and another may have excellent verbal and reasoning skills but poo memory. But what's important to understand is you can test individual skills, such as in my case with verbal reasoning (I'm a slow reader haha). Once you get a feel for what areas are lacking in your brain, you can exercise them to grow some brain biceps (strengthening plasticity and neural connections). So as well as reading more, I've also gotten into the habit of listening to podcasts (instead of music). If you're too busy to read because of a hectic schedule, I urge you to listen to an interesting podcast on your way to work or on a long drive. It could be about anything, from latest science updates to the psychology of human behaviour. It will really get you thinking elastically by listening to different expert minds having discussions. 💥be the best version of yourself you can be, and make excellence your habit. 🏆 Today's lunch: Shrimp, Courgette sliced into noodles with mixed country veggies
Basic und simple - aber nicht langweilig ist dieses Shirt in navy . Schönen Abend aus Bremen 💃😘#outfitoftheday#oodt#basic#laden_82#happyfriday#shopping#
Bremen, Germany
#Happyfriday 😍😘😊🌸🌺🌹🚼
Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional. Be a kid for a day, it's fun 🎈❤️🎡 #disneyland #datenight #Whereitallbegan #happiestplaceonearth #happyfriday
Bahçeşehir, Başakşehir
Somos lo que hacemos repetidamente. Por ende la excelencia no es un acto, es un hábito.😋😋 #sunshine #malta #happyfriday #greatday #corallagoon #landscape #landscapephotography
Coral Lagoon