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This is appalling, #gstarraw_uk #gstarrawuk #gstarraw #gstar I bought this jacket last year, wore it for 4 months or so, the last few times notice some red on my hands but didn't think much of it. Then I went to wear it this year for spring and red (rubber) is all coming off on everything (see my hands in the pictures). This is discussing, I paid around £200 (can't quite remember the correct price) for it and used it for a total of around four months. Four months use out of a £200 jacket is not on. Don't buy any G-star Raw jackets that are made out of rubber type material! Such a shame I loved this jacket. I have contacted G-Star and explained the situation so let's see what they say!!!
London, United Kingdom
It's a lifestyle and we are living it everyday ❤️ #gstar #x25 #pharellwilliams #oxfordstreettube #5622 #royaltartan #gstarraw_uk #gotmine 👌🏻
Oxford Circus