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Throwback to Greece and one memorable trip. Special thanks to @molokoplusjewelry and @thanasisfotinias for making the trip extra memorable – it was fantastic to meet up with you, if only for one evening. Until next time. 💙 #throwback #greece #vacationgoals #travels #passionpassport #portrait #photography #visualsoflife #peoplescreatives #goexplore #justgoshoot
We got dirty, dusty and a little soaked yesterday, but we had a fuckin blast playing in the mountains all day! #montana #backcountry #goexplore #gravellymountains #polaris #canam #family #friends
The things you see at Modoc National Wildlife Refuge - An ant moving a wing of a dragonfly. #nofilter
Modoc National Wildlife Refuge
Saint Marks, Florida
#Repost @pixleprohd ・・・ My Star Chaser: The General . . When I was younger (18) and the FJ cruiser came out I immediately fell in Love with it. I had always been a Toyota person, thats just how I was raised, but I never thought I would actually be able to own an FJ. See I wasnt raised in a place where all your dreams came true and everyone lived happily ever after. I also wasnt raised in the worst of scenarios but along the line I was influenced by individuals that helped me change my mindset. I could go deep into this but it would sound like a bunch of bullshit to most of you and maybe a few of you know what im talking about and can just nod your head in agreance. . . Well all I can say is that im greatful, greatful for the people that have helped me along the way, greatful for my fiance that stands by me for most of my descisions, greatful for my clients, greatful for my dream truck (the general) , greatful for my friends that share the same passion I do, you know who you are you crazy asses, greatful for my mentors, greatful for just about everything one can be greatful for. If you dont catch the hint its Gratitude, the one thing that I have learned that has stood tried and true is Gratitude. When you begin to be greatful for the things you have, the things you want begin to arrive. When youre greatful it shines through you in the form of positivity, and everyone loves a positive person. . . I guess in short what im really trying to say in this post is be a dreamer, chase those dreams & dont let anyone tell you you cant do something. If you're greatful about what you have, are positive about what you do and how you act & you are truly passionate about that, then youre destined for greatness in anything you put you mind to. . . I have made it farther than id ever imagined I would when I was younger, but once I imagined how far I could make it thats when the journey began. . . I have no high school diploma, no GED, zero college experience & no formal training on photography or cinematography, yet I sit here today fully self employed and flourishing to tell you no matter what you think is holding you back, you can overcome it and live your dreams #shootshar
I'm not a stud I'm a boyfriend. And I like to cuddle for enjoyment.
TGI Fridays
ways to win my heart: 1. buy me coffee 2. make me coffee 3. be coffee Also, a huge shoutout to my girl @rachaelsharp3 for her mad tattoo skills! . . . . #chiangmai #thailand #coffee #coffeelover #coffeeshop #inkaddict #inked #tattoo #explore #exploremore #adventure #adventureisoutthere #wanderlust #ourwanderlusting #travelbug #travel #travelgram #travelling #goexplore #stayandwander
Artisan Cafe at Oxotel
Varadero marina at dusk, heavy clouds linger from a brief Caribbean storm that returned later that night with thunderous might #cuba #varadero #travelstagram #travelphotography #goexplore #travel
Varadero, Cuba
Ontario Peak
Grays Peak
This is my kind of tailgate party. #morningcoffee
Camp Richardson, California
If hanging out in Seattle in June doesn't make you want to #optoutside, a walk around the REI flagship will. I want all the things, including this Turnip tent by @sheltonhuts. #letsgosomewhere
Snowy mountains and monasteries! This is what travel in Tibet is about!
Manarola, Cinque Terre
Lightroom #31 banana clip on that choppah
Aylesbury Town Centre
Why over complicate our lives to find happiness, when it can be found in the simpilist ways? - - - #capturemn #onlyinmn #exploremn
Moraine Lake