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Hello, sailor! ⚓️ 🚢 Bought these 👖 a few days ago. Never heard of the brand before, but 1. They pay the people who make the clothes a fair wage 2 they use organic cotton 3. Their production is climate neutral (at least these pants are produced that way) and 4. They don't break your bank! I love diversifying my wardrobe and I am so happy I found these beautiful pants❤️ thank you @peopletreeuk when I buy from you I won't have to ask #whomademyclothes 🌱💕
Sailor smocks are all so cute! Both available at our @asosmarketplace & our own website, handmade to order in England ⚓️
Voilà notre saudade Saint-Germain-des-Prés s'achève doucement et sous le soleil évidemment☀️🌴. Retrouvez vos futurs tenues d'été sur _ _ _ _ _ _ #madeinparis #slowfashion #fashiondaily #fashionrevolution #saudadedeparis #luxury #fashiongram #parisian #menstyle #menfashionpost #mensfashionblogger #paris#nogender #parisianstyle #fashion #parisienne #picoftheday #recycle #menswithstyle #gay #instagay #gayboy #fashionformen #instalook #weloveparis #menstyle #menstreetlook #instalike #saintgermaindespres #saudadeur
Paris, France
Visit me on Etsy and find yourself in »KeyFob Heaven« – nearly a hundred different designs to pick from, so you're almost certain to find a keychain you'll love! Shop link in profile.
Our loyalty club members got a treat this week as their first batch of personalised fabric samples arrived in the post 📮Join the club & design your own wardrobe!
The Emperor's Old Clothes
TOO PRETTY FOR BED // This sexy slip, believe it or not is sleepwear! But we think its too nice to hide it away indoors and could actually be a great little number for the clubbb!! 👯 SHOP:
Stamattina sveglia presto, ieri mi sono addormentato guardando un film a letto per cui ho dormito comunque più dei miei standard. Appena Jeremy ha visto che ho aperto gli occhi mi è saltato addosso per ricoprirmi di baci in attesa della sua dose di crocchette; poi siamo usciti a fare un giretto e tornati a casa giusto in tempo per l'arrivo del tanto atteso temporale, finalmente si respira e non serve il ventilatore. Ora io vorrei guardare un episodio di Orange is The New Black e poi magari andiamo a Brescia a fare un giro! Buona domenica! __________ This morning I woke up early, yesterday I fell asleep watching a movie in bed so I slept anyway more than my standards. Just as Jeremy saw that I opened my eyes, he jumped over to cover me with kisses awaiting his dose of croquettes; Then we went out and went home right in time for the arrival of the long-awaited storm, finally we breathe and there is no need for the fan. Now I would like to watch an episode of Orange is The New Black and then maybe we go to Brescia to go for a ride! Have a nice Sunday! #riotclothingspace
Verona, Italy
...and the back! 😜👊🏼 #bartsimpson #eatmyshorts #aycaramba
Belvoir St Theatre
As promised, for the next 10 days we're going to be doing features on some of our customers, so this family can get to know each other a little better. Send all your good juju to this beautiful mamma-to-be - Sumi teaches English Lit at a college in Singapore. Her passport belongs to Singapore but her heart stays rooted in India. Seen here in our cotton & chanderi dress, Sumi is all set to go see a Kathak performance of her favourite words are by Rumi - "An eye is meant to see things. The soul is here for its own joy. A head has one use: For loving a true love. Feet: To chase after. Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon." Designing maternity wear for you has been such a pleasure Sumi, sending lots of love and colourful patterns your way ♡ #20Kmanjhafam • Keep sending in your photos fam! :)
London, United Kingdom
Cala Agulla Beach
Appreciating one of my favourite ethical guides @projectjust. If you're looking for incredibly in-depth research, these guys are your go-to. But it feels wrong not to give you the full scoop on what they do. As well as their research these guys also pull together awesome articles and incredibly useful tools to help you shop ethically easily. How great it is to be part of this ever-growing #ethicalcommunity credit: @giorgiabelac
Congratulations @yvonne_chakachaka for your @betawards "International Global Good Star & Power Award" 🙌🏾 You have a heart of gold and you are an inspiration to millions of people, including me! And you looked stunning in your dress by @lufi_d 😍🔥. Keep shining your light on the world mama! 🙏🏾 And thank you for taking our @ZeroByZawadi #Sayaris with you to @thegrammymuseum in LA! 💃🏾💃🏾 Makes me so happy to know you enjoy wearing them. #zerobyzawadimilestones (Swipe left) 😊😘🙌🏾 ___________________________ I'm inspired by #YvonneChakaChaka's words today: "I do this work because people elevate me. ... If you have a platform, do something good with it. It is imperative you do it for others. I am because you are. ... All people want is a hand-up, not a handout. ... Now is the time for Africa and we Africans have to do it for ourselves." @YvonneChakaChaka in her pre-#BETAwards2017 interview with #SABCNews. ______________________________ #ZeroByZawadiMoments #YvonneChakaChaka #BETAwards #AfricaRising #MadeInAfrica
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Absolutely brilliant new podcast from Wardrobe Crisis author Clare Press @mrspress! 😄 Loved the first episode "Plastic Sucks" with @iamlaurawells. Each new episode will feature guests chatting about the ethics, sustainability and environmental impact of the fashion industry. This is a must listen to! 😊💚 Image @mrspress
I'm ending my week off cuddled up with a book that turns everything you think you know about the world from the first moment you open it up. @thankyouaus is a social enterprise that is tackling some of the world's biggest issues head on. Almost 1billion people don't have access to clean drinking water which in itself is a hard number to fathom. Harder still when you realise that the entirety of Europe has 741 million people 🌏 @thankyouaus gives 100% of its profits to safe water initiatives, sanitation, food and maternal health programs to help those in need. What makes it even better is that with every purchase you make you are able to track the impact your product has on someone else's life directly -receiving updates on the project you helped fund all the way to its completion. The book Chapter One written by cofounder @danielflynn88 is an incredibly raw and real account of all the trials and tribulations it took to get Thankyou off the ground and to ultimately prove that 'Impossible is only someone's opinion' and that if you have a big enough why, then you too have the power to change stuff. What's even better is that this book has no RRP, so you only pay what you think it's worth. I've been moved by this book so much I'll be uploading a summary to the blog of the 5 key takeaways in the coming weeks. In the mean time, what's some books you think everyone should read? I'd love to know in the comments ✨💛
We are incredibly excited to bring you the story of each of our skilled Balinese artisans that handcraft FeelGood pajamas, so you'd know whose life you are changing with every purchase. Today, meet Pak Gede. He has been a master cutter for over 27 years and for 3 years part of the team at the green garment workshop Mata Dewi. He is in charge to precisely create the perfect shape of our pajamas that fit so well and is day to day concerned to make sure that every piece of fabric is maximized and used at its best to reduce waste. All he wishes for is to make customers smile when they wear the pajamas that he carefully crafts. Father of 2 beautiful girls, Pak Gede looks happily forward to working every day at Mata Dewi as he's contributing to helping underprivileged children get to school. . . . #knowwhomadeit #knowyourmaker #whomademyclothes #giveback #fashionrevolution #craftmanship #ethical #sustainable #handmade #artisans #heritage #consciousconsumer #sustainablefashion #fairfashion #fashioninspiration #ethicalfashion #ethicallymade #ethicallysourced #sleepwear #womenswear #fashion #style #feelgood #pajamas #slowfashion #fashioninspo #bali #madeinbali #instagood #photooftheday
Mata Dewi
▪️Sunday Session▪️Cropped Denim is a great way so show off shoes and keep your look playful, these are a current favourite on high rotation, when teaming with a sneaker choose luxe fabrics for the other pieces of the look and ready to shop!!