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Hot Rock Adventure Centre
You just can't be a #yogi if you don't have a #cat! You just can't! They go #handinhand! #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #armbalance #muscles #strength #balance #tone #fit
We're so proud of every single one of these beautiful souls! πŸ’™ Thank y'all for choosing us on your RYT-500 teacher training journey. Three more days to go! . Class inspired by #Saucha, the first #Niyama, is the personal practice of cleanliness – of body, mind and spirit. At the physical level, saucha applies to our surroundings as well as our bodies. Keeping our inner and outer landscape pure, we are able to experience more clarity of consciousness. Observing saucha in our lives quickly brings the realization that this is a never ending quest. It is a consistent and loving intention toward purity. πŸ™πŸΌ @yogabeyond . #BeyondBryce #300hr #YTT #KohSamui #Thailand
Koh Samui
Eat, Drink and Be a Mermaid. ❀️. Happy Friday!!
"Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively."~ Dalai LamaπŸ™ŒπŸΎβ€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΎ learning from the best rule breaker Neve🀣🐢❀️wait...who am I trying to bullshit... i break rules all the time so no wonder this crazy punk is my daughter and not sure why I ask Rupert for help, he never helps πŸ˜…πŸΆβ€οΈ think gotta work on my upward facing dogπŸ€”baby Neve is gonna be a great master, she already gives real taught/deep Ashtanga style adjustments 🀣🐢❀️ I keep filling up water bowl so she can spill it n play but...she always keeps one eye on me n flies in full speed when she is ready to give an adjustment, with tons of love and it's always when i dont expect it...she is reading me like a book 🀣❀️🐢❀️🐢❀️ I gave up fighting her cause she is stubborn, if I don't let her give me kisses she won't I just keep washing my face πŸ˜…πŸΆβ€οΈ wearing @electricyoga top βš‘οΈπŸ’šβš‘οΈ
Santa Monica, California
Planning pose for our photo shoot without our strong guy base:) #yoga #acroyoga #armbalance #acrobatics #partneracro #acrobats
Share your yoga journey with Belinda Crowson Fleming at Saturday's Yin + Yang at 9 am and Hot Vinyasa Basics at 11 am. Sign up: #armbalance #yogalove #yogaeveryday #yogalife #yogastrong #yogaeverywhere #yogafam #yogapractice #yogajourney #yogini #yogisofinstagram #hotyogakennesaw
August #ACROVINYASA Challenge Day 19: #MonkeyPose (Hanumanasana) . 1) Begin by kneeling upright with knees hips-width distance apart. Rotate thighs inward, press shins and tops of feet into floor. Extend one leg in front with heel on floor. Inhale to lift chest, exhale to lean torso forward. Press fingertips firmly to floor or press hands onto yoga blocks, placed alongside each hip depending on flexibility. . 2) Straighten back leg if flexibility allows, being careful not to lock or hyperextend the knee. Slowly begin to press right heel forward away from torso. Keep rotating thighs inwards with front leg kneecap pointing upward. At the same time, slide left knee back. Press the top of back foot into the floor or tuck toes under for more stability. . 3) To take it a step further, bend back knee and reach for back foot. Intensify the thigh stretch by pulling back foot closer toward body. Take a few deep breaths and repeat on the other side. . Post your pics/vids in #ACROVINYASA and tag us in your caption: @ACROVINYASA @YogaBeyond @AloYoga . Have fun, play safe! H&C πŸ™πŸΌ #YogaBeyond
Catching Up on day 16 of #DontCallMeBaby with @cyogalab This is #urdvhakukkutasana or #karandavasana Variant. Shop this look at @shopwellkept Link in bio Leggings by @alala (so comfy) Sports Bra by @aloyoga
Hokukano Bayhouse
This morning and this evening I found myself in the gym at my new apartment. I actually did some cardio - kinda on accident by playing with our boxing machine and rower. Maybe I'll actually do some fitness-y stuff again on occasion Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Β· Β· Β· #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #inversion #inversionjunkie #forearmfriday #forearmbalance #armbalance #fitfam #fitmom #yogainspo #yogainspiration #yogalife #yogalove #atlyoga #teekigirls #atlantayoga #asana #atlfitness #namaste #namasteyall #connecttoyourspirit
Chamblee, Georgia
Day 8 #yogaisbetterwithfriends#yogachallenge #armbalance not sure what this is called and still have a lot of work to do with this one! Thanks to our host @t_gunter2 @kristenmckayogi @om_yogi Let's see it @cheeks521 @nat_wam @themomentscollected @garton13 #ommb#noplacelikeomπŸ™βœ¨
OM Yoga Myrtle Beach
Just an old fashioned crow for today's #doyouryoga Too tired to try anything crazy. #crowpose #armbalance #bedtime #traps
Williamsburg, Virginia
πŸ™‹ @aimeemasch #YogisKeepItReal | Day 8 #dancerpose ---- struggled getting any shoulder rotation at all today. Rotator cuff was not rotating. πŸ˜† Ah well....I'll try again tomorrow!πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ β˜„ For Guaranteed Shoutout πŸ’¬ DM us! 🏷 Tag us for a chance to be featured
Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame -Β B.K.S. Iyengar πŸ’™ Exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia πŸ‡°πŸ‡­ was so breathtaking. The detail of the carvings and the beautiful stone statues and designs are really impressive. There are so many interesting spots to practice yoga in away from the tourists and there was such a peaceful but magical energy around this gorgeous piece of Cambodian history. PC: @clicktivism with #sonya7rii #sony πŸ“·
Temples Of Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Day 19 #DontCallMeBaby: #twist In #pinchamayurasana I felt it was due a #yogachallenge where we could work, for almost a month, on the β€˜baby’ versions of arm balances as well as Forearmstand. Whether you want to acquire more strength, learn new variants to arm balances and inversions, you have wrist issues, mental blockages or fears of falling, the idea is that, by the end of it, you’ll have developed and outgrown some/all of those issues, you’ll feel stronger, more confident, bendier, wiser and you’ll have a bigger database of poses to practice (or teach) so you can access them as needed. If you’ve ever done a β€˜baby’ #armbalance you probably know there’s nothing β€˜simpler’ about it, often times, it requires more flexibility, core engagement or upper body strength, but you're also closer to the ground so it puts the mind at ease and helps us develop the confidence necessary to dare to think β€˜we CAN’. As usual: 1️⃣ Follow @cyogalab 2️⃣ Repost this calendar, tag friends, comment, ask, share… 3️⃣ Participate and post frequently!! πŸ”€ I’ll be giving detailed instructions, modifs, tips and more on a daily basis. Emma @emma.rhiannon and Paloma @palomahuner will be helping with even more alternatives to practice and, at the end, we’ll provide the winners with some awesome gift packages. Besides us, @elementofsri will sponsor with amazing malas and bracelets...πŸ“ΏWe start August 1st!!! Get ready!
"A woman who is convinced that she deserves to accept only the best challenges herself to give the best. Then she is living phenomenally." Maya Angelou β€’ Self-love people - don't settle for less than the best because in doing so you undermine your own self-worth πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ β€’ Here is my favourite balance #crowpose for #StripDownAsanas I had originally taken eight-angle pose but looking at the photo again I didn't like it - my form wasn't my best that day. Back in my own apartment my places for taking naked photos that aren't too cluttered are minimal. Outside isn't an option as the roof can be overlooked by some other apartments, and my living room is very 'busy'. The simplest background is in front of the bathroom door, which is the same space that the cat litter trays are kept (Pebbles pees with you empathetically when you go to the bathroom). So doing crow in 84% humidity required vigourous skin rubbing with a towel beforehand to try and minimise slippage...I just held it for the 30 seconds needed! If I'd slipped, it could have all turned messy with me ending up covered in cat poop! 😱😱😱 β€’ Thank you to: Wonderful Hosts: @dwinnerxfit @sultryabyss @namaste_af @rhyannawatson Generous Sponsors: @infinitystrap @yogapaws @all_things_om_ @ohhellohair
Day 18 #DontCallMeBaby - #verticalsplits with a twist #pinchamayurasana #headstand πŸ˜₯not so split-y and not so twist-y today β€’ #yoga #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #armbalance #playeveryday Hosted by @cyogalab Sponsored by @elementofsri
Planning pose for our group photo shoot. #acroyoga #acrobatics #acrobat #armbalance #yoga #partneryoga #partneracro